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Stainless Steel 4-Slice Electric Toaster

Special Heating Settings:

It's like a small microwave oven with defrosting function, which can heat anything you can put in.

6 Toast Shadow Settings

6-level settings and automatic pop-up toaster - 6 kinds of accurate shadow modes for you to choose and prepare your favorite bread. Preheat, light brown, golden brown, crisp, dark to your taste.

Product Function

Electric toaster that has the function of cancel, bagel, defrost with indicator light. Automatic power off function; 6 time setting; Removable crumbs tray; Wire storage; 1.5 "super wide four slot toaster, thin bread, thick bagels, English muffins.

Product Details:

Color: grey

Product size: 27.6 * 30 * 18cm

Net weight: 2.1kg

Package size: 64.5 * 33.5 * 42cm

Gross weight: 2.7kg

Temperature range: 180-200 ° F

Timer range: 30 to 60 minutes

Rated voltage: 120V, 60Hz

Power: 1500W

The attachments include:

1 * specification

1 * power cord

Customer Reviews:

5-Star Review from Chris - United States: "I rather enjoy speeding up making breakfast on the weekends for my family. It is my thing every Saturday morning. There are several special options available outside of the temperature and time controls. One of the ones I’ve used the most is cancel. If I need the bread to toast a little longer I just drop them back in and hit cancel it I think it might be done. No more forcing the bread to pop up by forcing the level back up. Just hit the cancel button. Making toast for a family of 5 has been cut in half and don’t plan on going back to a two slot toaster even after the kids leave for college" 15 Jul 2021 02:34

5-Star Review from Grant - United States: "We have been using this toaster for 1 week now. It remains one of my favorite toasters that I have ever owned. It consistently toasts each side of toast evenly and has the great option of reheating if you forget your bagel or whatnot in the toaster (which happens to me all the time). It's easy to use, easy to clean with the removable trays at the bottom and it looks great on my kitchen counters." 17 Jul 2021 02:23

5-Star Review from Nancy - United States: "Easy to use. Works perfectly. Once you find the number that makes toast browned the way you like it, you’re all set! Works great on bagels! it has had the opportunity to show off any quirks and I’m glad to say, there are none. The 4 slice feature is life saver when making for quantities of toast or bagels." 15 Aug 2021 02:33


5-Star Review from Jennifer - United States: "This toaster is the best toaster of many we've had over the years, and it is one of the least expensive we've owned. We've had 4 slice pop-up toasters and toaster ovens, but this one seems to be far more consistent than the others we've had. I hope it continues to perform as it now does over time. Only the future will tell. Now it works great!" 15 Sep 2021 02:35

 5-Star Review from Sandy - United States: "Love this toaster. Easy to use works EVERY TIME. No fuss temperature controls are easy to use and very convenient for both sides and since it has other controls make it very convenient." 21 Sep 2021 02:24

5-Star Review from Ruth - United States:The stainless steel is very easy to clean and the crumb box is hefty and also easy to empty. The cord has pathway organizer on the bottom to keep it tidy so as to not have the cord all hanging out and looping around which is very important to me. And did I mention VERY EASY TO CLEAN. This is a quality toaster you can feel it when you pick it up. 14 Oct 2021 02:25

5-Star Review from Ben - United States: "It is a solid built toaster with great features. It toasts to perfection and the controls are easy to use. I even used the defrost feature for frozen bread, and it did not disappoint. If your looking for a solid built toaster that is not flimsy and cheap looking, then this is the toaster for you. You will not be disappointed." 25 Nov 2021 02:32

 5-Star Review from Joe - United States: Great toaster for the price, should last many years if you don't treat it like a crash test dummy. 28 Nov 2021 19:35

5-Star Review from Frieda - United States: "One can insert frozen bread for there is a selection to indicated you are using frozen bread. A big thing for me, is that when the lever is depressed to begin toasting, it is securely in place. Some toasters in the past would release and have to be re-pressed. I am so happy with something we use daily." 13 Dec 2021 19:28

Brand Name: LISM

Certification: CE
Power (W): 751-1000W
Bread Slot Quantity: >4 slices
Voltage (V): 120V
Dust Cover: No
Classification: Toaster (Single Bread Piece Toasting)
Model Number: MB02S
Function: Automatic Pop-Up Function
Function: Cancel Function
Function: Defrost Function
Function: Reheat Function
Function: Variable Browning Control
Function: Warm
Function: Bake
Housing: Stainless steel
Control: Digital Timer
Timing Gear: 6-7 stalls